Bloggers to be followed after Google updates

Matt Cutts

Every blogger familiar about the name Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team and his blog reveals the Google updates and the upcoming updates to be rolled out.

Each and every article in the blog has a lot of comments and even matt replied for interesting comments. The idea of Google’s web-spam team to destroy the Black Hat SEO techniques has been shared frequently.

Have a look at his articles about:

Penguin update released on May 2013

SEO in future

Rand Fishkin

Rand is the CEO of, the site is popular among most of the webmasters due to the information, tools and tips they provide.  They focus more on Internet Marketing trends and tips to increase online visibility with analysis. I hope most of the online marketers will suggest Moz for regular industry updates.

Rand has written 100s of informative articles about search and online marketing for the past two years, which remains a guide for SEO beginners and learners. All his articles and ideas can be followed here.

Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall founder of consistently invents and updates tools for seo. Aaron writes current trends of Google search and his blog is dedicated to latest SEO updates, especially their information will revolve around the topic what Google thinks. The articles written by Aaron wall can be found at –

Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz is the founder of and online editor for search engine land. The idea behind Barry to run search engine roundtable is not only to analyze the hot and recent threads posted in leading SEO forums and also to provide a synopsis that provides greater detail into those threads.

Marcus Tober

Marcus Tober is one of the two CEOs of Searchmetrics. The articles written by Marcus Tober in searchmetrics, shows his passion towards analyzing online data and gives more insight about SEO and Social Media.

The analysis provided by Marcus on Google Penguin update 2.0 helped a lot of webmasters to change their attitude towards link building and online promotions.

Neil Patel

Neil’s, delivers information about SEO that really works. The blog quicksprout covers topics about content marketing, tips that work effectively for social media promotions, and even their online success stories.  He used to write articles about every Google updates and white hat techniques need to be followed for better results.

Neil worked on sites like Techcruch, Cheezburger and more to improve their business through online and even shared the secret behind it.

Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone the co-founder and CMO of Copyblogger media. Everyone knows Copyblogger is an expert in content marketing, they just don’t teach content marketing also they established their business with it.

People say SEO is dying, but the experts say the future of SEO is content. Sonia often shows her interest towards content creation and her thoughts go around content marketing, search engine, and internet marketing. Click here to read – Sonia Simone profile and recent industry updates

Aaron Aders

Aaron Aders of is a well-known blogger among SEO industry. The articles of Aaron focuses on a large extend about Google updates and search trends. The post about Google Penguin update 2.0 is a must notable one among his other works. Apart from this he also works for inbound marketing services and implementing strategies for marketing research.

Apart from this a few more reputed bloggers like Michael gray of, Bloggers in also reputed for the latest industry updates.