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10 Interesting Online Marketing Quotes from Inbound.org in 2014

Posted by John Miller on Jan 7, 2015

As we enter 2015, the scope of transitions is unlimited. In the online marketing industry, changes will bring in more creativity. The year 2014 passed with almost 13 Google algorithm updates, which pushed lot of spam bloggers out of the industry and pulled quality sites to the top of the search. Our team found the best online marketing quotes on Inbound.org and we highlight the different reactions to the changes. Based to the number of votes each quote received, the comments reflect the thoughts of online marketers in 2014. Quote #1 “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of the Google search results.“– Brian Clark, founder and CEO of Copyblogger  The quote received 92 votes and 11 comments. You can follow Brian @brianclark to get latest content marketing tips. Catch the quote here. The interesting reply was:  “Or on the first page of Bing..” – Brian Dean, CEO at Backlinko Quote #2 “Google is the new IRS & we are the new tax accountants. 100s of changes means SEO will never die.”  – Marshall Simmonds, Founder of Define Media Group Inc. The quote received 68 votes and 6 comments. Catch the quote here. The inspiring reply was:  “Amen brother. I’m tired of hearing this SEO is dead stuff. As long as there are SE’s people will always be O’ing.” – Paxton Gray, Inbound Marketing Account Manager at Quintain Marketing Quote #3 “Landing pages are about keeping promises.”  – Lauren Vaccarello, VP of Marketing at Digital Junkie The quote received 63 votes and 4 comments, Add your Comments here. Good reply by Ian Stanley: Ian Stanley, who works as a Senior...

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Easy Guide to Increase your Business Reputation through Blogs

Posted by John Miller on Jun 23, 2014

Reputation should be focused by all the business people to claim their brand. Clients should have a good impression about our brand and on our online presence, which makes the profit to be doubled and client to be satisfied in a reputed way. Online reputation not only moves the negative reputation down it also helps us to show the positive side of our brand in a new way. Online control of our brand should be kept in our hand at a good position. Simple 9 Steps to Increase your Business Reputation through Blogs Idea that arises should be implemented in the blog often and it can give a great reach among the brand users. The source content which is disliked by the readers should be removed. That might create a bad impression among the readers of our blog. Active publishing of the content helps in attracting the user to know about all the updates about our brand. Creating the Google plus profile is good for posting all the new updates and their sequences. When a customer posted a negative comment on our brand then it should be tackled by means of posting the positive comments from our satisfied client. Pictures of the brand should be posted in that Google plus profile. This helps in making the progress to be made in a simple manner. The articles that are posted in our blog should be worth and that should make the attention of our bloggers to get noticed among all our competitors. Links are the best way to improve the brand name in a reputed way. Using Social media: It is quite...

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Facts About The Importance Of Social Media Sites For Startup’s in 2014

Posted by John Miller on Apr 1, 2014

When you work on the dynamics of promoting your business, you must understand the importance of social media websites. Social media sites have assumed gargantuan proportion of late and they help in improving the growth of your firm in the most significant and substantial ways. The Big Boom in Online Marketing Online marketing has become the biggest and the most powerful source ever. Some statistics to prove the records are as follows. The percentages of adults who use video sharing sites have shot up from 33 to a whopping 72 percent. There are 1 billion Facebook posts that are made per day. Over 500 million tweets are shared every single day. This in itself is a proof of the big boom in the field of social media. When you launch a business, you need the right business coverage. Your business will never boom if people don’t even know about the existence of your brand. You need to have a sound social media presence as it will help you spread the news far and wide. There are several marketing agencies that can assist you in spreading the big news about the launch. Facebook Events Facebook marketing is one of the most potent weapons you can use. If you are looking to measure the extent to which you can benefit, here are facts to assist you. Almost 4.5 billion likes are generated every day on Facebook On an average, 728 million people log on to the Facebook account every day. This shows the amount of reach you can get with this site Up to 300 million photos are uploaded every day...

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